about 2 months ago

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At Cryptohopper were looking for an Android Native Developer to join our team. You probably think cryptocurrency trading bots are like the current housing market. A black hole for many, a goldmine for few. However, these bots should be leveraged by a lot more people, because, well, they frigging work wonders. ;-) While the early adopters have been mining cryptos since the beginning. HODLING their investments for the big win. You might still be HOLDING on to your traditional savings, thinking the crypto-ship has sailed… But hey ho, hell no. There is crypto-hope on the horizon. And we invite you to embark on our mission to simplify and clarify our ‘mysterious’ product. To all. Including yourself, your friends, (grand)parents and that nerdy nephew who keeps pestering you with terms like FOMO, FUD and Satoshi. Take those shitcoins and run, kiddo!  Forecast: raining FOMO Do you ever trust the weatherman? Neither do we. But we do trust the unbeatable exper Apply now and work remotely at Cryptohopper

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