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Application Security Engineer

$60.0k - $125.0k


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We are looking for an experienced security professional to take on the role of Senior Application Security Engineer (Games) at Illuvium. In our growing Security team, you will be responsible to ensure that our products are built and released in a secure manner and that no vulnerable code enters our production environment. The ideal candidate will maintain strong technical skills and have a track record of successfully bringing a DevSecOps culture to life. Responsibilities Built a secure built pipeline (including static/dynamic code testing, manual code inspection) and perform threat modeling and security design reviews on our gaming products to be released Implement and enforce secure design principles and application security requirements that match our industry and architectural threat landscape (Gaming, Crypto, serverless) Build a thriving DevSecOps culture in our development teams, including the training of Application Security Champi Apply now and work remotely at Illuvium

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