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Blockchain Bridge Engineer

$70.0k - $120.0k


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About Us Aurora is working in the blockchain industry and helps developers and users to capture the full benefits of the Ethereum network by creating an opportunity to scale the ecosystem. We at Aurora Labs are looking for a talented and productive Blockchain Engineer to join the Bridge team. The Bridge team is responsible for developing the Rainbow Bridge, its related services, and infrastructure that connect Ethereum and NEAR ecosystems together. In this role, you will contribute to building the Rainbow Bridge, its protocol, relayer services, and bridge connectors. You will be responsible for bridging various algorithmically complex systems together, which will require learning and understanding their internals. Your tasks will also involve supporting the interaction between Rainbow Bridge and Aurora Engine (EVM).This is a full-time position that can be done remotely anywhere in the world. Aurora Labs builds the Aurora Ecosystem which mainly consists of two components: Rainbow B Apply now and work remotely at Aurora

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