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About Lava: At Lava we believe blockchain data should be accurate and access to this data should be scalable, private, and uncensored. Our mission is to create a marketplace for blockchain data via aligned token incentives and an open-source protocol for RPC nodes and APIs. We are backed by some of the top crypto-native venture capital funds and angel investors. With a deep technical background in cybersecurity, we have extensive experience in finding, exploiting, or patching digital vulnerabilities. As a team we are accomplished founders, CTOs, engineers, and business people inspired to support the creativity blockchains are unlocking and its future applications. Lava is remote-first with team members from across the world. Where we need help: We are building a B2B marketplace that directly matches blockchain data providers (node operators) with data buyers (Dapps, Games, Wallets, Bridges, Exchanges…) that depend on 100% up-time access to f Apply now and work remotely at Lava Network

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