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Location:  US Locations Only; 100% Remote

EagleCorps is a new startup that is backed by Mahway, a venture builder.

Comp: $180-230K


  • Includes healthcare benefits
  • Flexible, remote work
  • Impactful company equity (you will be a cofounder)

About EagleCorps:  EagleCorps prepares and places veterans in high quality technical jobs through our online-based job training and talent marketplace. Veterans struggle financially and emotionally to transition to civilian life, with nearly 50% of veterans unable to find jobs in the first 6 months out of the military. We believe placing veterans in technology jobs will meaningfully increase not just their salary but also their quality of life.

Why this role exists:  This role needs to drive strategy and lead fundraises, in addition to execution, management, etc.


  • You have a passion for the EagleCorps mission
  • You have helped build a company in software or software-enabled services space
  • You have either sales, growth, or product “DNA”
  • You must be willing to travel for one week a month to our co-working sessions


  • Business-minded:
    • Has experience running a P&L for a unit or entire company.
    • Business Sense – You understand business models and you can build a quick model. You can read a set of financials and ask the right questions to improve your business. You are metrics-oriented and can analyze your financials to make key decisions.
  • Leadership: You have built and led teams before. You have the charisma and ability to storytell which helps across all areas of the business, including recruiting, sales, and marketing.
  • Action Bias: You are oriented towards execution. You’re adaptable when conditions change (as they constantly do in startups), and you continually test, gather data / digest findings, and evolve concepts. You’re a scrappy leader who has the ability to get things done with limited resources.
  • You understand how to scale content distribution through a variety of channels


  • Student Obsessed
    • Anticipating our student’s needs proactively
    • Do what’s long-term best for our students
  • Everything is Challengeable
    • Ask anyone anything
    • Respect the person, challenge the idea or system
  • Bring the Solution
    • Individualistic problem-solving and proposals
    • Take a stab at a solution before bringing it up


  • Experience in working with government is a plus, govtech

In the first 90-days:

  • Build the plan for 2023 strategy and execution, including hiring and financing plan.
  • Recruit the March student cohort of 6 students (inclusive of attrition, so 12 to start).
  • Get our 2 graduating students to final interviews for jobs.

In the first 12-months:

  • You will be responsible for building a network of companies that hire our pool of veterans
  • You will hire and run a team of teachers, TAs, and admissions counselors
  • You will graduate and place 15 students by EOY 2023

Location: US Locations Only