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Chief Operating Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

PhishFort is rapidly growing in terms of our client base, financials, product offering, and team. These developments naturally lead to some growing pains, and so we are looking for a COO to join us to help iron out some of our operational issues.  

PhishFort is an anti-phishing company, which means that we are responsible for protecting people on the internet. We take down tens of thousands of malicious websites, social profiles, and applications each year in an effort to make the internet a safer place. We have a wide array of clients spread across the globe, ranging from financial institutions, marketplaces, through to crypto apps. Our highly trained analyst team ensures that our clients have 24/7 protection, and our developers are focused on making sure that we have the best tools available to complete our mission. PhishFort has strong product market fit and is ripe with opportunity. 

Our ideal candidate is someone who can develop a thorough understanding of our co Apply now and work remotely at PhishFort

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