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Digital Brand Designer

$70.0k - $120.0k


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Digital Brand Designer

Digital team charter: Our charter is to fully realize Blend.com as a performant channel for rich digital storytelling and deeply tailored user experiences. As a digital designer you will drive initiatives for the digital team by working collaboratively with other designers, engineers, and marketing stakeholders. You will rely on user-centered design principles to produce cohesive digital experiences that amplify the brand and meet business goals.  At Blend, the digital design team is a part of the Brand Design org. Members of the Brand Design team bring the Blend brand to life. We are advocates and champions of the Blend Brand internally and externally. From the fit and finish of all our customer and employee interactions, to counseling internal partners on creative decisions, we partner with Marketing, Sales, Services, and People Operations to steward our brands experiences.   How you’ll contribute:  Partner with internal stakeholders to drive the design Apply now and work remotely at Blend

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