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Reach’s vision is to bring blockchain to the world by unlocking its feasibility, practicality, and usefulness for the masses. We are making blockchain mainstream. Reach is a programming language and specialized compiler that allows full-stack developers to build decentralized applications at a fraction of the cost, complexity, and time. We are drastically reducing the barrier to entry into blockchain development and are on our way to becoming the central platform developers use to build on blockchain. Our goal is to become the lens through which the world understands the value of decentralization and Web3! Reach Labs, a division of Reach, builds direct-to-consumer products and applications leveraging the safety and security advantages of the Reach platform. One of the current Reach Labs projects is Alloy, a smart NFT gaming ecosystem that allows unprecedented utility and ownership over in-game assets while allowing gamers to benefit from being part of an ever growing gaming ecos Apply now and work remotely at Reach Platform

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