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NEAR Protocol is a developer-first blockchain that emphasizes convenience of development and scalability on NEAR platform. The core component of NEAR is WebAssembly virtual machine that runs in a completely trustless and fully deterministic mode, as it executes contracts implemented in WebAssembly-friendly languages using a fast compiler. NEAR contributes a lot of effort into performance and safety optimizations of WebAssembly VMs/compilers which helps not only NEAR but the entire WebAssembly ecosystem. We are looking for an Engineer with experience in low-level programming who is intrigued by a variety of open problems inherent to running compilers in completely trustless but high-performance setting, and who likes contributing and collaborating with open-source communities. Role At this position you will be solving cutting-edge compiler and VM problems related to safe, deterministic, and high-performance compilation and execution. You will interfacing with many open-source p Apply now and work remotely at NEAR

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