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About mrgn: mrgn believes in an accessible, decentralized future. We’re a team that’s built scalable infrastructure on Solana with an eye towards DeFi applications. We’ve built a multifaceted org, housing workstreams ranging from cross-exchange margining architecture to latency-efficient trade execution systems, to innovative structured products. We’re best known for marginfi, a protocol that gives traders the unique ability to unify liquidity, manage risk at the portfolio level, and trade through a single account across major exchanges on Solana. We’re a team with deep backgrounds in finance, machine learning, cybersecurity, health, digital identity, data science, logistics, robotics, quantitative research, and risk. We’ve built and exited successful companies, managed talented teams, and built products that people love. We’re an early-stage startup with a flat organizational structure and a need for speed. Who We’re Looking for: We are seeking a Apply now and work remotely at marginfi

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