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Founding Business Development & Partnership Manager

$65.0k - $110.0k

Job Protocol Labs

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About Job Protocol What we do and where we work is one of life’s most important decisions. At Job Protocol, our mission is to build the future of hiring by laying the Web3 rails to connect talent and opportunity more effectively, creating a global job market that is fair & meritocratic. Job Protocol is a decentralized recruitment network that allows companies to hire faster and cheaper. We let companies list their open roles with a recruitment bounty on the blockchain, incentivizing their community and our ecosystem of talent partners - freelance recruiters, agencies, communities, job boards, HR tech businesses, publications… - to help attract top talent. We believe that by enforcing the right incentives, we can make recruiting much more efficient. E.g. candidates only apply to jobs they’re really interested in, referrers only refer candidates to jobs that fit well, and companies run efficient interviewing processes. Our goal is to encode these incentives using blockchain and Apply now and work remotely at Job Protocol Labs

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