about 2 months ago


Global Head of Business Development & Partnerships

$70.0k - $110.0k


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Metaschool is looking for a Global Business Dev and Partnerships Head to identify, partner with, and help blockchain companies bring more devs in the web3 ecosystem through metaschool. There are 30M developers in the world but only 24k devs are actively contributing to the web3 ecosystem as of now. Blockchain and protocol companies need more devs in web3 to survive and thrive. metaschool helps these companies by building fun, free and exciting projects for web2 devs to propel to web3. Find this exciting? Keep reading. Working at Metaschool Metaschool produces courses for devs to build, ship, and learn web3. We have over 70K devs signed up from 50+ countries within 5 months of launch. We’re a decentralized, remote-first company with teammates based in Singapore, India, and Pakistan (for now 😉). We are divided by borders but our common mission to help devs build and flourish in the web3 ecosystem has brought us very close. If you are in any timezone of Asia and are a we Apply now and work remotely at Metaschool

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