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This role is remote and location agnostic. Full time or paid via grant. This role is suitable for a developer relations expert with an unrelenting & uncompromising passion for truly decentralized and trustless infrastructure. As well as having the chutzpah to design & scale a developer adoption programme with strong support from a stellar engineering team. Flare’s EVM compatibility means Ethereum’s tooling is readily available & solidity developers will have few problems picking up the code. As Head of Developer Relations you will become Flare’s leading light amongst the most influential developer communities within Web3 and beyond. You will be backed to the hilt and responsible for leading all developer engagement, hackathons & bounty programmes. Your impact: First & foremost, you have a passion for relating to developers. Build the developer relations programme and scale the team required. Working with the Ecosystem T Apply now and work remotely at Flare Network

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