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Hector Network is a blockchain-based company focused on furthering blockchain utility, creating products that expand the horizon of web3, and foster community. Its offerings span Tokenomics, NFT collections, and marketplace to launchpad and any beyond. Hector Network operates two tokens, HEC it’s flagship token, and TOR, a stablecoin used for day to day transactions and operations. Our mission is to bring mass adoption of blockchain technology to life by lowering the barrier to entry and making crosschain expansion happen. Hector Network is developing a utility ecosystem of various innovative sub-brands and applications. About The Oikos We are building an exciting interactive AAA metaverse with a mission to expand the innovation within DeFi Gaming industry The Oikos is a MMORPG that delivers players into a vivid, unique world that merges the lore of Greek mythology with fresh, tech-imbued aesthetics of cyberpunk and hyper futurism. The Oikos will offer plenty Apply now and work remotely at Hector Network

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