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ICS OT Cybersecurity Engineer

$70.0k - $110.0k

Hunt LNG Operating Company S.A.C.

San Vicente de CañetePerú
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ICS OT Cybersecurity Engineer

Job Description


  • Comply with information security and cybersecurity directives, plans, procedures, guidelines, legal requirements, and other adopted company commitments regards to protect ICS/OT/IIoT environments
  • Participate actively in any Information Security or Cybersecurity activity required as part of the assigned duties and in general, in any other initiative implemented by the Company to improve the ICS/OT performance.
  • Promote compliance with Information Security and Cybersecurity standards and guidelines at work, including any work engaging contractors and suppliers.
  • Monitoring, record, audit, maintenance and diagnostic of Continuous Threat Detection and
  • Secure Remote Access systems and others OT applications.
  • Protect information and assets from unauthorized access, duplication, modification, or destruction.
  • Analyze the security measures Apply now and work remotely at Hunt LNG Operating Company S.A.C.

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