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Job description Crypto to the people. Unlocking the potential of crypto to the masses! We are a fast-paced startup/scaleup in the Netherlands, enabling access to web3 by bridging the world of Fiat Currencies (Euro, Dollars, etc.) with the world of Cryptocurrencies. Build the next level onramping toolbox that catalyzes crypto pioneers to offer a smarter experience. We provide an embeddable widget and API for trading platforms, apps and websites so their users can buy cryptocurrencies. By partnering with the best fiat-to-crypto payment gateways and presenting them in a single plugin for crypto-platforms such as wallets, DeFi apps and trading platforms. Their users can then buy crypto easily in-platform when needed. This is one of the most important intersections for web3/meta. What is this position about? We want to make sure Onramper is the smoothest possible fiat on-ramp in the world. Not just for end-users, but also for parties integrating Onramper, such as wallets and trading p Apply now and work remotely at Onramper

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