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Credit scoring should be trustless and globally accessible. At Spectral, we envision a future where credit scoring is a public good. We are building a decentralized, openly accessible risk infrastructure for various applications and protocols across the Defi and GameFi verticals to enable a slew of new use cases for programmable creditworthiness. Financial reputation primitives open up new categories of dApps: use cases being considered by developers include collective creditworthiness, DAO-based credit ratings, credit default swaps, credit delegation, permissionless tranched debt, and more. As a community of developers, data scientists, and end users, we are working toward a more equitable, capital-efficient web3 ecosystem. Our products are inherently decentralized, and most of our code will be open-sourced. We follow a research-driven approach and are backed by some of the top investors in the industry, such as Galaxy Digital, General Catalyst, Social Capital, and others. We’ Apply now and work remotely at Spectral

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