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Marketing Generalist First hire

$40.0k - $80.0k


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Marketing Generalist First hire

🌆Your responsibilities

You will be our first marketing hire. As our first marketing hire you will be responsible for defining, implementing, and scaling an entire marketing strategy.

You will be in charge of marketing an 18+ product in the adult entertainment space (Onlyfans alike platform).

🥳 You will have the opportunity to work on other projects. To learn more about what we want to accomplish, make sure to read more about our vision.

Let’s dig into more detail on what your first months will look like.

👉Help us reach product market fit

We are still in the works of finding a product-market fit with the product you will be working on at the start. You will actively collaborate to reach product market fit.

This means you will help us out with

  • Optimizing customer journeys & funnels

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