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Kleros (see our whitepaper) is a blockchain protocol for online dispute resolution. Dispute resolution is one of the last remaining bastions of centralization in Web3, and Kleros is leading the charge to change that. Kleros’s Court system can be used in anything from relatively straightforward (DeFi) insurance claim disputes and real-world arbitration cases (see this example from Mexico), to more complex use cases like curation (see Kleros token curated registries of address tags and tokens), identity verification (see Proof of Humanity) and oracle result resolutions (see Kleros+Gnosis’s partnership). Growing Kleros’s partnerships and integrations with DAOs/projects forms a key pillar of our growth strategy as it increases the utility of the Kleros Courts and creates a healthy flow of dispute resolution activity for our jurors to participate in. As a partnership development manager, you will be managing all partner-facing aspects of Kleros’s activities, including busi Apply now and work remotely at Kleros

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