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Penta is the worlds first comprehensive stakeholder solutions firm. Penta provides data-driven solutions for stakeholder strategy and engagement. We combine analytics and research with deep expertise to deliver actionable insights, best practice solutions, and drive measurable impact for our clients. At Penta, we work with clients solving complex global challenges across a variety of industries. Our clients span technology, financial services, energy, healthcare, and more. Our team brings decades of experience in business, government, communications, research, technology, and media. Penta comprises over 200 professionals in New York, London, Washington, DC, and San Francisco working to bring data-driven, tailored solutions to more than 200 clients. Summary of Position: Penta is seeking full-time paid interns for summer 2023 to support the operations of the firm. They will benefit from immediate client exposure and opportunities for professional development while workin Apply now and work remotely at Penta Group

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