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About Primum Primum is dedicated to solving the information asymmetry between community oncologists and academic specialists. We’ve built a free-to-use, HIPAA-compliant communication platform that gives oncologists (a) just-in-time insights about their particular patient-specific, and (b) access to the experiential knowledge locked in the minds of cancer specialists. As a result, Primum helps cancer patients receive better care closer to home.  We’re looking for a full stack developer with a primary focus on the front-end to join our founding team. Be the first engineer working with our head of engineering to grow and develop our platform. Responsibilities Primarily develop and extend the front end & user experience for our platform, as well as our mobile  experience Develop our back-end applications to support our platform Create internal tools, admin UIs and API Work with our team to develop and A/B-test different iterations of the UI/UX Apply now and work remotely at Stealth Ventures at Redesign Health

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