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About Us ZORA is a group of individuals working towards a new paradigm for creators by enabling the creation, curation, and collection of NFTs. We believe that by enabling a more equitable system for creators and communities, we will fundamentally rediscover the power of the internet. We’re working tirelessly to make ZORA available to as many creators as possible. Our mission is to build a new creator and community-owned economy. Who were looking for ZORA is looking for experienced blockchain engineers to help design, implement, and extend the ZORA protocol. The ZORA protocol is the foundational infrastructure that enables anyone to permissionlessly interact with NFTs and their markets. It is a Hyperstructure. We want the ZORA protocol to power millions of interfaces, and we believe it should survive as long as the underlying blockchain it is built on. What youll do Design, prototype, implement, and deploy new protocols and modules for ZORA Work closely with Apply now and work remotely at Zora

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