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Remote Full Stack Ruby (Sinatra) Developer with some UX Skills

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Are you looking to be part of a small development team, where you can make your mark? 

HR Partner is a growing human resource management SaaS app that has around 2000 customers in 70 countries. We are on a mission to grow to become one of the leading HR platforms worldwide, and we are looking for talented developers to help us achieve this objective.

What is the Role?

The HR Partner app is written in Ruby, but not Ruby on Rails - rather, we use a Sinatra based framework called Padrino. If you know the Ruby language inside and out, then this could be a good challenge for you to focus on building using a different framework that isnt quite as opinionated as Rails. This position is for a full stack developer, so knowledge in building APIs (including integrating with third-party APIs), tuning SQL queries via an ORM, caching reusable views on Redis, as well as improving customer experience by building snappier user interfaces will be highly regarded.

The main codebase has grown organically over the past 7 years, and there is now scope for taking an app that is essentially a monolith with some microservices around it, to the next level so it will be scalable well into the future. Some experience with Nodejs will also be advantageous as we have Lambda functions built using Node that we wish to expand upon and improve. Experience with tuning Ruby memory management and resource utilisation will also be a great skill to have.

Our front end currently uses a legacy javascript library, and one upcoming task will be to modernise it and bring it up to date using a more current front-end framework. Knowledge of HTML/CSS is also critical as we transition from the older Bootstrap framework to something like Tailwind CSS.

We are looking for developers who are excited by the challenge of taking an existing project, in a stable and growing company, and helping to improve it so that it can be scaled and maintained well into the future. This is a fully remote position, and you will be working your own hours as part of a very small team, and as such, you will be doing large blocks of work without being micro-managed. As you get to grips with our codebase, you will be taking on full responsibility for entire modules and features that you will build, test and deploy pretty much yourself.

What are we looking for?

You are someone who is smart, self-driven and interested in being part of a long-term project where you can see your ideas and work come into fruition. In particular, you should be;
  • A self-starter - Do you have exciting side projects that you have worked on, publicly or privately?
  • Willing to learn - Are you looking forward to implementing some of the latest and greatest technology alongside some old and mundane ones?
  • An ideas person - Do you push back when asked to do a task if you think there is a better way to do it?
  • Brimming with initiative - When working on a codebase, do you see opportunities to improve other things outside of your scope of work?
  • A marathoner - Are you happy just coding away for hours uninterrupted, and keep yourself motivated while doing so?Ideally, you will be located in the Asian or Eastern European timezones (GMT + 3 hours to GMT + 12 hours), to make it easier to collaborate with our CTO who is based in Australia, but dont worry if you are outside of that.

Why will you love working at HR Partner?

We might be biased, but theres a lot to love about working here, including;
  • Work-from-home - Weve been fully remote since our inception, so you can work from the comfort of your own home.
  • Flexible hours - Need to pickup the kids or go to gym in the middle of the day? No problem. So long as you are around for some agreed overlapping working times, you can structure your day to suit your lifestyle. If you would prefer to work part-time hours, were open to those ideas too.
  • Small, international team - Youll work with colleagues around the world - all of whom are smart, inspiring people! We truly love our team at HR Partner and we hope you will too. 
  • Learning & growth - We’re big supporters of personal growth and development and our team is constantly learning and upskilling themselves in many different areas. Innovation is a big part of our culture and we welcome new ideas from everyone.
  • Meaningful work - We’re constantly getting feedback from customers that are relieved to be using HR Partner. It feels great to be part of something that small businesses grow and support their employees as they do so.

If you want to be part of a small but dynamic team that is passionate about supporting our customers, then wed love to hear from you and have you as part of our team!

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