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Build It. Ship It. Own It.

Cloudsmith (https://cloudsmith.com) is a fully managed cloud-based artifact management service.

We aim to sit right in the center of every companys critical infrastructure as the single source of truth for all software. Our customers ship faster and wiser while ensuring the safety of their software supply chain, maximizing developer productivity, and protecting their critical systems from outages in public ecosystems. We handle the artifact management, so they dont have to.

We are building the worlds source of truth for all software that flows between developers, machines, and services, made to be cloud-native from day zero. Our team focuses on delivering simplicity, security by default, and visibility for engineering, operations, and security teams worldwide. Were fully remote, and our crew is distributed globally.

Were a startup, and that comes with all of the challenges a typical startup has. Startups are hard work but also unbelievably rewarding and career/life-defining. Not everything about work in a startup fits into a neat box, but we embrace the chaos. We live by thinking fast, acting fast, and sometimes failing fast. Experiment and flow forward.

We seek individuals passionate about their craft, ready to help build a globally distributed service. You will have a startup mentality of not shying away from the things that need doing, caring about it deeply, and ensuring we build it, ship it, and own it; while using empathy to share and collaborate with the rest of the team to plan, implement and maintain the product and infrastructure.

In short, your most important qualities:

  1. Smart! 💡
  2. Gets Things Done! 💥
  3. An Awesome Human Being! 😎
How were built

Cloudsmith is built with love 💙 and uses the following technologies:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Linux, Docker, Fargate, Nginx, Haproxy, Lambda
  • Python, Django, TypeScript, Node, TypeScript, Go
  • HTML/CSS, SCSS, React, Bootstrap, Storybook, Webpack
  • PostgreSQL, Aurora, Memcached, Redis, RabbitMQ, Celery
  • Terraform, Secrets Manager, Spacelift (Soon)
  • Kinesis, Analytics/Flink, DBT, EMR/Spark, Superset, Athena
  • DataDog, Sentry, Detectify, CloudWatch
  • GitHub, Slack, Notion, Linear, CircleCI, Zoom
  • Cloudsmith :)


What youll do

Youll do a lot of things at Cloudsmith, but most of them will be to:

  • Grow and learn on an egoless team of engineers with diverse skills, providing and receiving guidance and mentorship
  • Collaborate with your peers to design, build and test new features, simplify existing services, and scale our systems
  • Partner closely with cross-functional team members (product managers, designers, and account managers) to learn about our business priorities, explore solutions, weigh in on tradeoffs, and help set the future direction of our product
  • Build, support, ship, maintain and debug services in a complex distributed web-scale system, end-to-end, from source to delivery
  • Use Python, Git, Django, AWS, Docker, Celery, DataDog, HTML/CSS, React/Bootstrap, and PostgreSQL regularly
  • Strive to improve our code, practices, processes, tooling, and docs with a leave it better than you found it attitude
  • Participate in an on-call rota and support-based sprints with the rest of the team at your back to help our customers when they need it most
  • Participate in a writing culture of communicating about what we built, how we work, and sometimes, blameless mistakes!
Signs you may be a great fit

Some additional qualifications that might be signs you are a Cloudsmither:

  • Strong engineering background with 5-9+ years of professional experience in building, testing, deploying, debugging, and maintaining complex systems in production environments; or equivalent experience in widely used open-source ecosystems and projects
  • You understand the importance of shipping early and often and have demonstrable experience working and delivering iteratively
  • High level of proficiency with programming languages such as Python, TypeScript, Golang, Rust, or similar
  • Experience with working in a fully remote asynchronous environment and thriving!
  • Experience with UNIX-like systems (Linux/WSL/MacOS), especially in production-based environments
  • Experience with container runtimes and orchestration, with working knowledge of CI / CD ecosystems
  • Expertise in cloud-based infrastructure, data structures & algorithms, storage systems, source control, and continuous integration
  • Eagerness to continuously learn the latest technologies and expand your technical capabilities; not afraid to admit what you dont know
  • An enthusiastic and effective communicator (using English): you should be able to appeal to and communicate with both technical and non-technical listeners alike
  • Deeply passionate about your craft: we deeply care that you care
Things that are bonuses

We realize that not everyone will have every experience and expertise in every possible thing. Still, if you have any in any one of the following, well consider it an excellent bonus point for each (so point it out to us!):

  • Artifact / Package Management
  • Building, Running, Scaling, Enterprise SaaS
  • Significant contributions to open-source projects
  • ReST, GraphQL, gRPC API Design
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) / AWS Certifications
  • Docker, OCI, ORAS, Kubernetes (k3s, k8s)
  • Sigstore, Cosign, Keyless Signatures, Signature Attestation
  • Grafeas, Kritis, Metadata Provenance
  • Software Bill of Materials, Software Composition Analysis
  • Serverless, Edge Computing, Distributed, Microservices
  • Securing Web Services, Software Vulnerabilities
  • Developer Tooling Ecosystem, CI/CD
  • Prolific Tech Community Speaker


You will receive an incredible package of compensation and equity, depending on location and experience, and the following benefits:

Health and Wellness

Regardless of your location, we deeply care about the health and wellness of our staff and their families; a sustainable pace is important to us. In addition to generous annual leave (PTO), we offer parental leave and benefits that can cover you and your dependents up to 100%. We also offer flexible working policies and hours upon agreement.

Personal Growth

You will have an enormous scope to learn new skills alongside your colleagues, and your continued professional development is essential to us because its important to you. We will support you with budgets for equipment, training, books, conferences, travel, and certifications. The more powerful you become, the better for all of us.

Fully Remote

The right future of all work is remote, and that future is here with Cloudsmith. Like our product, were fully distributed and operate remotely. Although you might be in the same city as some colleagues, youll spend most of your time working remotely from a location of your choice. Were distributed globally but get together a few times throughout the year for strategy, food, and fun!

Incredible Opportunity

At Cloudsmith, you will have an incredible opportunity for a broad and deep impact across the company. Were building toward a technological IPO (taking the company public), and as an early Cloudsmither (staffer), you will be on the journey to help take us there. Your career will be on a rocket ship, and youll join us in the reward of getting there. Be excited!

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