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STON.fi is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on TON Blockchain smart contracts, enhanced with advantages such as low fees, low slippage, super user-friendly interface and direct integration with the TON wallet. STON.fi is a peer-to-peer trading platform where transactions are conducted directly between crypto-traders, and do not require third-party participation. STON.fi: implements one of the main features of cryptocurrencies — it facilitates financial transactions without any involvement of banks, brokers or any other traditional intermediaries; utilizes the TON blockchain and is a natural part of TON DeFi’s growing suite of tools that make a huge range of financial services available directly from the TON cryptocurrency wallet. We are looking for an experienced developer to build Rust backend for DeFi products on a next-gen asynchronous blockchain. We build the backend using Rust and Tokio-based frameworks including Ax Apply now and work remotely at Ston.fi

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