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We are looking for an experienced Security Engineer to join our team of active lifestyle participants who share a common interest in federated systems, scalable design, and excellent user experience. You will help us build out our environment securely, effectively, and as automated as possible across all of our companys systems.


  • Help develop and implement new solutions, tools, and processes for current and future acquisitions.
  • Policy writing
  • Analyze security systems and seek improvements continuously
  • Help to develop an Incident Response Program
  • Research weaknesses and find ways to counter them
  • Understand software, hardware, and internet needs while adjusting them according to our business environment
  • Help develop best practices and security standards for the organization
  • Test company software, firmware, and firewalls
  • Assist fellow employees with cybersecurity, software, hardware, or IT needs
  • Create new ways to solve existing production security issues 
  • Develop a set of security standards and practices 
  • Recommend security enhancements to management 
  • Install and administer software, such as firewalls and data encryption programs 
  • Conduct scans of networks to find vulnerabilities 
  • Conduct penetration testing 
  • Monitor networks and systems for security breaches or intrusions 
  • Install software that helps with notification of intrusions 
  • Identify irregular system behavior
  • Supervise changes in software, hardware, and user needs 
  • Lead incident response activities 
  • Conduct investigations into how breaches happen 
  • Report findings to management 
  • Help plan an organizations information security strategy 
  • Educate staff members on information security through training and awareness 
  • Recommend modifications in legal, technical, and regulatory areas

You are Energized by:

  • Creating novel solutions without reinventing the wheel
  • Sharing how youve learned from what didnt work
  • Embracing standards that align teams
  • Organizing around work, not people (spending less time in meetings)
  • Joining a rapidly scaling project
  • Taking on new responsibilities for what you build

We are Excited to build together because You:

  • Have experience with hyper-growth companies
  • Contributed to building out a secure environment in various industries 
  • Have helped certify a company for SOC 2 Type 2 or SOC 3 
  • Utilized ISO 27001 or TOGAF Framework
  • Can be creative and autonomous when needed
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Prioritize your day and projects
  • You are comfortable in a fast-paced environment
  • Have an understanding of best practices and how to implement them at a business-wide level
  • Have a deep understanding of all aspects of cloud security platforms
  • Communicate your ideas and foster respect on a team for others ideas
  • Embrace ambiguity and use it as an opportunity to learn
  • Value team success over personal success
  • Invest time to increase your knowledge in both foundations and abstractions of technology
  • Have Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning experience
  • Have experience with Kali Linux and its Pen Testing Tools
  • Have experience with DarkTrace, or Crowdstrike
  • Implemented Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Certifications such as CISSP, GSEC, CEH, GIAC, CISM, CCSP, Azure Security Engineer, AWS Certified Security, or Professional Cloud Security Engineer desired

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