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Senior Database Developer

$70.0k - $120.0k

=nil; Foundation

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=nil; Foundation is hiring a system developer to work on a custom database engine. We are building our own database that replicates data from multiple different blockchains and provides a single SQL interface that allows to select records in a unified way and also allows to insert multiple blockchains as one atomic transaction. Our primary customers are crypto exchanges and other businesses that have a large volume of crypto transactions. We allow them to save on infrastructure and maintenance costs, because our solution is significantly more efficient than what is possible with off-the-shelf components. Responsibilities We expect you to work on the database core which is written in C++ You will be improving the existing replication protocol to make it fault tolerant  and tamper-proof You would also work on improving our query language to compile with llvm to a WebAssembly runtime And in addition youll be building an actor model based on user-space stackful green Apply now and work remotely at =nil; Foundation

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