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About the job:

Come help us lay the foundation for the future of agriculture! We are a team of innovators who have been at the forefront of empowering farms to use their data to become more productive and more sustainable for nearly 15 years. At AgSquared you will have the unique opportunity to help build a suite of products that is truly impactful on a global scale, while working with a fantastic team of talented, down-to-earth people who love their work and love working together.

What we do:

At AgSquared, our mission is to help farms become more sustainable and adopt a greater level of transparency without sacrificing the productivity and profitability that allows them to stay in business. We accomplish this by outfitting farms with a technology stack that allows them to gather data from the field, process it, and move it into the hands of those who need it, ultimat Apply now and work remotely at AgSquared

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