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Senior Fullstack Developer

$20.0k - $70.0k


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SellerLot is hiring a Remote Senior Fullstack DeveloperSellerLot is looking for a full-stack developer. The position involves working on our in-house platform which enables customers to sell on various marketplaces around the world. The project is almost brand new, so you dont have to worry about technical debt and support of legacy features.

Our stack includes:

  • Django (Python)
  • Vue.js (Javascript)
  • Celery and Redis
  • Postgresql
  • AWS

Your daily tasks would include:

  • Developing new features for our platform
  • Working on API integrations
  • Fixing bugs (cest la vie)
  • Working closely with the CTO to create a product roadmap and help define new features.

Whats in it for you?

  • We are a very small and tight team
  • Brand new project - no technical debt
  • Fully remote position
  • Ability to work in your own timezone.
  • Paid time off for any public holidays you observe and vacations
  • Good compensation
  • Low-stress work environment

You are an ideal candidate if:

  • You have experience building web applications
  • You are very experienced with databases and have no problems writing SQL to generate reports
  • You have versatile interests, such as devops, product, Linux, or clean code
  • You focus on outcomes (i.e. when you have a task, you will want to understand what needs to be achieved by completing that task)
  • You want to grow with the company


  • Compensation will depend on your experience, but it is around the industry standard

Salary and compensation

$20,000 ā€” $70,000/year


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