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About IOV Labs Our purpose is to build a more decentralized world for a freer and fairer financial future.We develop technology to re-engineer the way value is created and moved around the world. Our mission is bold. Our vision is big, and our purpose is deep.We achieve our objectives as a team by using the IOVlabs values as our guiding principles. Our values reflect the fact that we’re a global, distributed team that embraces complex and revolutionary decentralized technologies, guided by a strong social purpose. If you’re keen to join the technological revolution at IOV Labs, keep reading! About Taringa! Taringa! is the leading Spanish-speaking social platform that connects people around shared interests in topic-based communities. Currently looking at rewarding its members for the time they invest in the platform sharing their experiences and knowledge, Taringa! is leveraging blockchain technology to evolve towards Web 3.0, creating a sharing economy where everyone can be Apply now and work remotely at IOV Labs

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