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Senior Software Engineer

$70.0k - $120.0k


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United States
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Senior Software Engineer

As a Senior Software Engineer You Will: Build the core experiences of both bank administrators and bank customers. The includes crafting streamlined user flows, building robust APIs, and integrating with third-party software like Plaid or Sendgrid. About You: You love writing clean, thoroughly documented, and well-tested code, with an eye for long term viability and performance. You measure twice and code once when writing features, placing an emphasis on error-handling, logging, and edge cases for every service you write. You enjoy the challenge of breaking down complex product asks into elegant solutions. You are comfortable and experienced with system design, and not only have architectural opinions but are comfortable writing, speaking, and advocating for them. You approach architectural challenges not with answers but with questions, and from those questions decide upon the best approach, knowing that there is no best solution, only different set Apply now and work remotely at MANTL

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