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We are a YC S16 graduate and believe in quickly iterating on features to build products that people want. We deploy multiple times a day and work within a hybrid kanban/scrum system. We believe in the agile manifesto, but not the industry straight jacket that has arisen around what it means to be agile. Build stuff that works, communicate across the company, react quickly to degradations in system/feature performance, have ideas on how to solve ever-evolving problems, respect and collaborate with fellow CareRevengineers, CareRevers, and customers. What You’ll Do: Join the Engineering Team where you will be responsible for delivery of products and projects that touch many facets of CareRev. Work with all kinds of roles within the engineering team including client app engineers, back end engineers, product managers, designers, data engineers, data scientists, devops engineers and more! Responsible for driving projects to delivery. Sniff out and help resolv Apply now and work remotely at CareRev

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